Give Yourself a Gift ~ Give Others a Gift
• Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro: A Journey of Four
(An adventure of body-soul-spirit integration- while training and climbing the highest free standing mountain in the world.)

• Great Wall Marathon: Becoming a Wall Warrior
(Four stories in one: the public story, his story, her story, the spiritual journey. An adventure of learning to live integrated from the inside out.)

• Divine Dance: Seven Steps to a Closer Relationship with God
(Stories from the heart to Ignite you in remembering and recording the stories of your Faith Journey)

• Button, Button (Book, Workbook Pages, Video)
(A story of writing, imagination, and drawing that resulted in surprising personal transformation. Includes workbook pages to guide you in your transformation process.)

• Writing to the Heart of God: Writing is Healing Workbook
(Tools and practice guidelines to increase intimacy with God: Finding God’s Address; Practicing Finding God; Difficulties/Blocks; Tips to Maintain Closeness with God)

• Mozart Moments of Divine Inspiration
(The fruit of Learning to pay attention to the still small voice of God with examples of the movement of the Holy Spirit releasing divinely inspired words that heal and give you hope.)

• Eight Stories of Transformation; Writing is Healing (Book and Video)
(Journey with 8 people who discovered the invaluable tool of writing that transformed their lives.)
• Eight Stories of Transformation; Writing is Healing (Video)
• “Writing is Healing” Interview with Margo Guiness, Holocaust Survivor (Video)
• Button, Button (Book withWorkbook Pages, & Video)
• The Magic Eyes (Video Story of Forgiveness)
Workshop Sign Ups
• Answers to Mid-Life Crisis
• Navigating Divorce, Minimizing Fallout
• Writing is Healing Series
• Healthy Boundaries
• Finding the Joy Factor
• Writing is Healing Tools for Transformation
• Writing and Drawing Tools to Change Your Life
• Secrets of Effective Communication
• Divine Dance: Seven Steps to a Closer Relationship with God
• Creating a Legacy: Writing Your Story
• Writing to the Heart of God
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