Dr. Nancy Anderson is Available as a Guest Speaker on the Following  Topics an More

(See topics listed under workshops) 






  • Writing is Healing Tools for Transformation
  • Healing the Family You Carry Within
  • Living Authentically from the Inside Out
  • Recognizing, Naming, and Ending Violence 
  • Setting Healthy Boundaries: Finding Your “No”
  • Conflict Resolution Steps:  Win-Win
  • Good Grief: Stages of Healing
  • Living Your First Best Life:  Fulling the Purpose You Were Born For
  • Divne Dance Relationship: Seven Steps to Draw Closer to God
  • Writing to the Heart of God: Finding Fullness of Joy
  • Whole Person Integration: Body-Soul-Spirit Congruence
  • E-Ride Journey with God: Adventures Beyond Imagination
  • Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro:  Journey of Four
  • China Great Wall Marathon:  Becoming a Wall Warrior
  • Healing Process of Combining Writing with Stick Figure Drawing
  • How to Shift from a Monologue to a Dialogue with God
  • How to Hear the “Still Small Voice”
  • etc.


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