More Workshops


Personal Transformation Series

    • Anxiety to Calm
    • Managing Anger
    • Journey Out of Shame
    • Money management, which you can improve in the olympic kingsway casinos.

Are You Being Verbally Abused? 

      • Acknowledging Abuse (Verbal, Psychological, Sexual, Emotional, Spiritual)
      • The Progression of Violence, Myths, & Safety Planning
      • Recognizing and Creating Safe Relationships

“Writing Is Healing” Series

      • Methods for Healing
      • Who Am I?
      • Forgiveness is a Process

Healthy Boundaries Series

      • Assertive, Passive, or Aggressive?
      • Dealing with Criticism
      • Manage Your Personality

Communications Skills

      • Speaking Skills
      • Listening Skills
      • Conflict Resolution
      • Styles of Communication

Life Story Series

      • How to Begin to Write Your Life Story
      • Picture Story Writing

Spiritual Growth Workshops Link Here


    • Each of the 15 workshops is typically 3 hours and can be expanded or condensed.
    • Workshops may include:  PowerPoint presentations, handouts, interactive  teaching, and practical exercises for application
    • Contact Dr. Nancy to create a customized workshop or retreat for your group.