About The Catalyst

Nancy Anderson established her business, The Catalyst, in 2003 to provide: workshops; psychotherapy (individual, group, family); clinical supervision; guest speaking; retreats;Christian spiritual direction; books & videos.

  • The name Catalyst means agent of change, igniter

The Catalyst Mission Statement

To help you discover and live Your First Best Life

  • The Catalyst is here to help you discover what you really want in your life.
  • The Catalyst is here to help you achieve what you want in your life.
    • Achieve personal & professional goals
    • Achieve psychological, emotional and spiritual healing
    • Achieve reconciliation with self, others, and God
    • Draw closer to God

Living Your First Best Life (not your second best life). This means choosing to live wholeheartedly (body-soul-spirit) resulting in increased peace and joy and fulfilling your life purpose.


  • Living wholeheartedly requires developing the body (soma), soul (psych), and spirit (pneuma)
  • The spiritual dimension is the fundamental core of who each person is
  • To be most beneficial and complete, therapies need to include the spiritual dimension
  • Integrating psychology with theology addresses both soul and spirit

Personal Faith Beliefs

  • The Bible is the inspired Word of God
  • God is a Trinity:  Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit are one
  • Because of His love, Christ died for everyone, paying the penalty for sin
  • In Christ there is no condemnation
  • The Holy Spirit gives gifts and talents to enable believers to fulfill their life purpose
  • Heaven is the eternal home with God for believers