Intimate Encounters With God

            Does your heart desire to experience a daily, more intimate relationship with God?  Is your busy schedule keeping you from taking time to have a dialogue with God where you listen to receive daily guidance for your life?

            During the 7 weeks of this course you will learn a roadmap with God’s Address and 3 easy Daily Paths to bring you into the very presence of God. There you can unburden yourself and receive love, forgiveness, healing, and more peace and joy than ever before. 

Intimate Encounters With God

Facilitator, Dr. Nancy Anderson

WEEK 1 Activate Your Relationship with God: Transition from monologue to dialogue and experience the joy of two-way conversations with your Creator.
WEEK 2 Find God’s Address:  Discover where to find God through Three Levels of Listening Process. Return to dialogue anytime, 24/7.
WEEK 3 Differentiate God’s Voice from Other Voices. Discern God’s Voice, gain confidence in who you are listening to.
WEEK 4 Experience Coming into God’s Presence: Enjoy a conversational relationship with God, dialogue about everything, develop intimacy.


WEEK 5 Receive God’s Guidance for Your Life:  Express the desires/concerns on your heart, ask and listen with anticipation, recognize direction, take action.
WEEK 6 Recognize When God Talks Back:  Creative Communication experiences with the “Still Small Voice,” dreams and visions, signs and wonders, etc.
WEEK 7 Intimate Conversational Relationship with God: Crucible for transformation and healing, forgiveness and comfort, peace and joy.