Spiritual Growth

Writing to the Heart of God Workshops

“Writing to the Heart of God” is a 3 part  series of a “Personalized Spiritual Growth Program” to help each person on his/her journey to and with God to unfold, deepen, and become all that God purposes.

  • Day 1 Workshop:  Writing to the Heart of God
    • “I AM (God)~ the One who Satisfies”
    • “Finding God’s Address”
  • Day 2 Workshop: Writing to the Heart of God
    • “Dancing into God’s Presence”
    • Tabernacle Path to God and Fullness of Joy
  • Day 3:  Workshop:  Writing to the Heart of God
    • When Writing is Difficult
    • Divine Dance Relationship

Workshops and Training

  • Becoming Salt and Light (Series of 4)                                                                                                                                                         Artist Unknown
  • Creating Space for God (Series: 1-2)
  • Mozart-Moment Gifts (One Session)
  • Divine Dance: 7 Steps to a Closer Relaionship with God (Series of 4 or 7)
  • Oasis Day Retreat…..a time and place to be renewed, refreshed, and refilled with God’s life. Come and enjoy quiet time, teaching moments, and group sharing. Also included is guided journal writing and steps to listen deeply to hear the “still, small Voice” of God.
  • Spiritual Direction (SD) Training I  and II

Spiritual Direction is for the person seeking a closer relationship with God.  Journey with Dr. Anderson, a Spiritual director trained to listen to you and God and to assist you in discerning God’s Spirit leading in your life. Meet once a month.

SD Training I Groups: This is a ten month program to introduce paraticipants to Christian Spirituality and Spiritual Direction.  In includes interactive teaching, reading, group discussion,  experiential exercises and an all day retreat. It will help you draw closer to God and discern God’s leading in your life. Explore a call to become a spiritual Director. Participants begin 1:1 sessions with a spiritual director to mentor and coach you to develop the art of listening to hear the “still, small Voice” of the Holy Spirit and learn the daily disciplines of cultivating intimacy with God. Meet for 3 hours once a month.

 SD Training II:  A ten month program that includes one all-day retreat and participants continue 1:1 spiritual direction sessions with a spiritual mentor as you listen together for God’s direction for  your life. Training day and time arranged with participants:  Group size: 8-12.  Training II is available for those who complete SD Training I. Meet for 3 hours once a month.

Contact me to create a customized workshop or retreat for your group.