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Writing is Healing

I have discovered that writing is an important tool for celebrating life and for healing wounds, memories, and relationships. Writing the following story about going on a Hurricane Katrina relief effort helped me release the memories imprinted within my soul and helped me let go of some of my sadness about the great pain and losses of the people in New Orleans.

What story is within you waiting to be birthed on paper?  Try writing about your experiences and see what you release and what insights you gain. Share your story when you are ready. If you are interested in joining a writing group or a “Writing is Healing Workshop” please contact me, Dr. Nancy Anderson.

Check my website for 3 July Workshops to ignite your life.  July 14th:  “Writing Tools for Healing and Tranasformation Workhop;”  July 18th:  “Ignite Your Life:  Writing and Imagination Workshop;”  and July 21st:  “Secrets of Effective Communication.” Give yourself the gift of a workshop. (CE credits for MFT’s and LCSW’s) 

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