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Simplify in Summer ~ Move in the Fall

With my feet on the ground again after the joy and excitement of my first skydive (see July blog below) I am now stretching to live into the fullness of the last weeks of summer guided by the words:  Simplify in the Summer ~ Move in the Fall.

These words came to me a month ago and are full of energy/life for me. I don’t understand the full meaning yet of the words “move in the fall,” however I know they are words to guide and prepare me. The simplify part is speaking to me of sorting through my bookshelves, boxes of teaching materials, memorabilia, and my “packed to the gills” closet of clothing. It is my time to sort through my belongings and to keep what is relevant and release what is no longer useful or important for me to store.  It helps me when I remember that I can give away somethings that might bless someone else. Letting go will create “open space” in my home ~ space for the peace of simplicity.

My challenge in giving away my “stuff” is rooted in the meaning and memories I attach to my belongings. I don’t want to have regrets that “I wish I still had kept the … or … ” etc. I keep boxes of teaching materials ”just in case” I teach that course again. “Just in case, just in case” explains the stack of boxes in my storage closet.  So many  ??? “treasures.”

Listening within, I sense that to be ready to “move in the fall” means I must simplify and be unencumbered for what is ahead. Currently I am sorting in 20 minute increments so I don’t get overwhelmed. However, when I am on a very productive “roll” I just go with the flow and keep working to keep the momentum going. I feel more relaxed each time I create new open space in my home. I wonder what fall holds for me ~ what ways my life will “move in the fall.”  I am simplifying a little each day so I will be ready.

Do you want or need to simplify your belongings this summer to move ahead in your life unencumbered?  Are you listening within for words to guide you and prompt you to action? I hope you will write a message below to share about the words that are guiding your life.